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Anti Virus and Malware

When most people have a problem with weird behavior on their computer, they immediately think that they have a virus. That is not always the case. Many times it is malware, which could consist of adware or spyware among others. A lot of these programs attack, take over your computer or hijack your internet browser, while others place agents to pull personal information or use your computer to relay spam emails. If you have ever noticed that your internet connection has become extremely slow, it could be any of these problems. .  

NO Company too small or too Large we cater to Small to Medium Business!!

Individual Computer Protection

We have been removing viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and adware for years. Put your computers in our hands for an expedient removal of your viruses and malware. We realize that your information is very important to you and we strive to return your systems to normal without corrupting your files. When your systems are clear from infection we would like to assist you in preventing viruses, malware and spam from infiltrating your systems.

Server Based Anti Virus Solutions

Trend Micro Worry-Free Security delivers automatic, 24/7 protection against today’s sophisticated
Internet threats. It combines ease-of-use with enterprise-class security designed to:
• Protect confidential data from theft or modification
• Preserve availability of computers and networks for work, not threats
• Prevent inappropriate content from distracting or harming employees

All-in-One Integrated Defense:
• New! Anti-Spyware
• New! Anti-Bot
• New! Anti-Rootkit
• Antivirus/worm/Trojan
• Enhanced Anti-Spam*
• Anti-Phishing *
• Email Content Filtering *
• Personal Firewall
• VulnerabilityAssessment
Automatic Threat
Protection: Responds
automatically to virus
outbreaks without
• Assesses vulnerabilities
• Prevents outbreaks
• Protects automatically
• Cleans infected PCs
and servers
Zero Administration
Zero Administration:
Instant insight into threat
status, actions to take,
and protection, with single
Web-based Security

* Available in Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.5, and NeatSuite for SMB 3.5.

Individual Computer Protection

Some of the Anti Virus Suites protect your system from malware. There are a number of software programs that scan specifically for spyware and adware. We can analyze your system and make recommendations on our findings.


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