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Don't Lose your Data because you don't have a backup!!!

  • Accidental Deletion
      43% of people lose irreplaceable files every year.
  • Theft
      Only 3 out of 100 stolen laptops are ever recovered.
  • Disaster
      Thousands of files are lost each year to fires, floods, and other disasters.
  • Drive Failure
      Up to 13% of hard drives crash in their first year.



NO Company too small or too Large we cater to Small to Medium Business!!

Why You Need A Backup!!

Have you considered how much of your life is on your computer? Photos, emails, music, financial records, documents, and so much more. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and everything was gone? The statistics are staggering: every year 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In Today's society, we are becoming more dependent on our computers, from social networking to keeping track of our financial's. In business we rely on customer relation management software and accounting software to track and grow our businesses. Needless to say our data is very important to us. What if you were to lose you data due to unforeseen circumstances such as a hard drive crash, computer crash, or even worse having your computer stolen, or attacked by a destructive virus. We never think of the unimaginable, such as a fire, or some other kind of natural or man made disaster. The question is what are you going to do about it? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? What kind of backup solution do you have for your data?

Coastal System Technology can help you deploy a simple or complex recovery plan. There are many solutions to choose from. If you have one computer with little data, perhaps an online, offsite backup will work for you. If you have a server, multiple servers or multiple locations, there are solutions that can have you up and running in minutes. Let us help you choose the solution that is right for you!

Which Backup and/or Disaster Recovery Solution is right for me?

Tape Backups - The tried and true way of backup. This conventional backup has served it purpose for many years. It allows you to backup to tape / disk / rewritable media using a recordable device, media and backup software or the backup included with Microsoft Operating Systems. You need to develop a backup plan and take the media offsite in case something happens to the computer that it was backed up on. It allows you to restore your data using the same or similar device and software. The problem is if your computer or device fails, you need to replace with the same device and software - then restore your files.

Online Backups - Your data is encrypted and sent over the internet to a data center where it is kept securely. If you need to restore your files you connect to the service and restore what you need. The advantage is, if anything happens at your location you can get your files anywhere, and the process is hands free - requiring nothing from the operator except the original setup. The downside is the speed is slower than a local backup and is dependent on your internet connection. It could take hours or even days to restore all of your data.

BDR Appliances - This is the best of both worlds. It is a Backup and Disaster Recover solution that backups your data, then transmits it to an online data center, or if you choose - another BDR appliance at an offsite location, such as another office, or even your home. The restore function is speedy, and if your server fails, you can even set an appliance to be a virtual server. (This requires a BDR that allows this function)



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