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New Jersey Computer & Network Consulting

Coastal System Technology is a leading computer and network systems service provider delivering state of the art technology solutions for small and medium size business and home based business throughout the NY, NJ, PA tri-state area. We can help you plan your current and future technology needs and institute that plan, including procurement, cabling, installation, support, and disaster recovery. We strive to keep our clients up to date while keeping within your budget.

Managed Services

Many of you have mission critical operations. What does this mean? You want your operation up and running when you need it most. We can provide services to match your business needs. We have flexible plans for challenging environments.

Remote Monitoring - You can have a 24/7 watch of your servers, workstations and devices, with alerts being generated when there is a problem. Your equipment can be monitored by a Network Operations Center (NOC) to identify a problem when it occurs and help your company be proactive rather than reactive in solving issues

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In Today's society, we are becoming more dependent on our computers, from social networking to keeping track of our financial's. In business we rely on customer relation management software and accounting software to track and grow our businesses. Needless to say our data is very important to us. What if you were to lose you data due to unforeseen circumstances such as a hard drive crash, computer crash, or even worse having your computer stolen, or attacked by a destructive virus. We never think of the unimaginable, such as a fire, or some other kind of natural or man made disaster. The question is what are you going to do about it? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? What kind of backup solution do you have for your data?

Design, Installation and setup of computer networks, including Wireless for business, residential and SOHO

A team member will come to your facility to help you through all phases of your network installation. If you have an older network, we can make suggestions to improve or update your systems to the latest technologies, while keeping within your budget.

Desktop and Laptop Repair, Maintenance and Upgrades

Is your computer having problems? Does it not start up? Does it shut down by itself? Maybe you just want to make it a little faster, or change out a component. At Coastal System Technology, we perform diagnostics, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, virus and spyware removal on most brands of desktop and laptop computers, including HP, Dell, Compaq, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, Nexlink among others.

Relocation Services

Are you Moving? We can help prepare your equipment for the move and set it back up at your new location.

Software license compliance audits

Make sure your company is properly licensed. We will come to your site to give you and analysis of installed software versus your actual license counts. Avoid costly prosecution!

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