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New Jersey Computer & Network Maintenance

Is your computer having problems? Does it not start up? Does it shut down by itself? Maybe you just want to make it a little faster, or change out a component. At Coastal System Technology, we perform diagnostics, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, virus and spyware removal on most brands of desktop and laptop computers, including HP, Dell, Compaq, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, Nexlink among others. We can also provide 24/7 monitoring of servers and workstations.


File Maintenance and Updates

Over time you collect files on your computer that are not needed. We can perform maintenance to remove and clean up stray files, reclaiming storage space. Installing updates for your operating system and software programs helps your computer run with less errors. Some of the updates are for the security of your system, while others fix problems that may exist with the software or operating system.

Equipment Maintenance

At Coastal System Technology, we try to keep your equipment running in optimal working condition for as long as possible to protect your equipment investment. We can schedule regular maintenance intervals to clean out the dust inside the computer and electronics, which causes overheating and wear on moving parts. CST technicians will run diagnostics on your hardware to check for points of failure. We try to be proactive to prevent future problems.

Printer Maintenance

Most laser printers have pickup rollers, pressure rollers and fusers that need periodic replacement. We can replace these parts, and clean the printer of paper dust and toner. Most printers will let you know when maintenance is needed, however, you may need some of these parts replaced sooner, depending on your usage. We can set up a maintenance schedule.


Most companies like to protect the investment they have made in their equipment and extend the life of the equipment. We can perform upgrades that will increase storage space, or memory that will increase the performance of the machine. Sometimes people want a larger monitor or a DVD writer added, or have new software installed and configured.

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