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TalkSwitch phone systems, phones and software are all built on a simple idea; that small businesses deserve big business phone power, but without the big business prices

.NO Company too small or too Large we cater to Small to Medium Business!!

Professional Phone System at Small Business Pricing

TalkSwitch systems come complete with everything you need to handle calls professionally, control your communication costs and stay connected everywhere. We pack an amazing range of features into one compact, easy-to-use package for small, multibranch and home-based companies with one to 64 phone users per office. Big business features Answer your calls with sophisticated multi-level auto attendants and dial-by name mobile telephones as though they were on-site extensions. seamlessly pick up your calls wherever you are. Plug in to VoIP. And more. TalkSwitch has everything you need to run your business. Built for small budgets Got money to burn on a phone system? We didn’t think so, which is why we gave TalkSwitch a very reasonable price tag. But a TalkSwitch system can also save you money. TalkSwitch maximizes your use of telephone company lines and, with VoIP-enabled systems, your broadband Internet connections. You’ll also save on long distance with our unique Call Back/Call Bridge feature and VoIP calling. Plus, you set and change your configuration options yourself, minimizing service charges. And you won’t need a dedicated receptionist any more, so you can put your people somewhere more important. Grow your own way From bustling multi-branch businesses, there’s a TalkSwitch system that fits. TalkSwitch systems grow with your business, from one to 64 phones per location. Multiple locations? No problem. TalkSwitch seamlessly connects your branch offices and teleworkers.

Hold, transfer and conference calls? Intercom calls to other extensions without using an outside line? Of course. But that’s just the start. There’s much more inside a TalkSwitch, and you don’t have to pay extra to get it.

Auto attendants: Greet callers with messages that offer touchtone choices and connect them to extensions. It’s like having a receptionist 24 hours a day.
Voicemail: Built-in voicemail saves you paying your phone company monthly for it.
Voicemail to e-mail: Get e-mail notification of new voicemail, with or without the message attached as an audio file.
Dial-by-name directory: Callers select an extension by dialing the name of the person they want to reach.
Music on hold: Play music or custom-made announcements for callers on hold — with or without extra audio equipment.
Call cascade: If your extension isn’t answered, calls can ring a sequence of other extensions — TalkSwitch finds you.
Ring groups: Send calls to all extensions in a department.
Call waiting: You know; another call comes in. Your phone beeps and shows you the caller ID, and you can flip between calls.
Call queue: Callers can leave a message, stay on hold, or return to the auto attendant if an extension or a ring group is busy.
Automatic route selection: Save money by sending certain kinds of outgoing calls using specific lines or services. All long-distance calls, for example, can use a specific line.
Toll restriction: Prevent unauthorized long distance or pay-for-service calls.
Line appearance: See which lines are available or in use, right on your phone. Customize which lines to view for each extension. Exclusively available with TS-9133i and TS-480i phones.
Call detail record logging: Assign accounts to calls and track length of calls for billing of professional services.
Multiple languages: TalkSwitch speaks English, French and Spanish, so your customers and employees can communicate the way they choose.
Call forward: Send calls to any other extension (in or out of the office), ring group, or mailbox.
Auto fax detection: Automatically route faxes without wasting money on a dedicated fax line.
Call back/call bridge: Use your office longdistance savings plan from anywhere around the world.
Mode scheduling: Handle incoming calls differently at different times or days. TalkSwitch handles calls professionally during and after regular business hours.
Call screening: Accept or redirect calls, even at your remote extensions.
Call pickup: Pick up calls that are ringing at other extensions.
Distinctive ring: Handle different kinds of calls in different ways. TalkSwitch supports telephone
company distinctive ring features.
Public announcement: TalkSwitch can be connected to a PA system, or announcements can be made through the speakers of selected TalkSwitch telephones.
Remote management: Change configuration of the system remotely.
System speed dials: Store up to 100 numbers on your system for easy access.
Automatic hotline calling: Automatically dial a set number when a specific phone is picked up. Perfect for door phones.
Caller-ID-based routing: Handle calls differently based on where they come from. Ensure critical calls get instant access and telemarketers don’t.

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