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IP Camera

New Jersey Security Cameras

Security cameras hold value for both home and business. At home you may want to protect your valuables, or keep an eye on the children, nanny, babysitter or pets. In your business viideo surveillance systems can help protect employees from criminals.  Cameras can record different areas of your business such as parking lots, registers, garages, warehouses and entrances. In addition, video surveillance systems can help deter and detect employee theft.


Coastal System Technology offers a comple line of surveillance systems to help you keep safe and secure!

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras

IP cameras are very versatile. They can be mounted in locations without power outlets by using POE (Power over ethernet). IP cameras can be put on your network and viewed from a workstation with the appropriate software. Another advantage is the ability to view the cameras over the internet from a remote location. These cameras can be configures for virtually any type of home or business.

Available Features of IP Cameras

• Two-way audio communication
• Web-based management
• Motion detection
• Flexible scheduling
• IP address filter
• User-definable HTTP/ HTTPS port number
• DHCP support
• Network Time Protocol (NTP) support
• Power options
• Camera access control
• Wireless support
• Mulit-User Access

ip camera


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